March 2011
August 2015

This blog is dedicated to my babies, it is for them that I write. I pray that every word will be stories that they can carry with them through out their life... and hold on to when I am one day gone. I want no word left unsaid when it is my turn to leave this world. So until then... I write my thoughts, I write my pain, and I keep a log of the faith and hope that have become a part of me. This is a blog about us and the trials we have overcome together.

I know that because of Christ all of the roads we have traveled have been blessed with love, I love you kids with all of my heart. I know that without you I am nothing... because it is you that made me who I am today; a mother, your mother. One day my dear children you will be where I am. You will be parents. It will not always be easy. You will have your own trials; you will have days when you will wonder how you will make it another day. You will have moments that you don't know where to turn. Remember that we have been there before, we held hands and become stronger through them. Trials will come and they will be hard, but do not lose your faith. Have courage and hope that all things will work out for your good when you are true to yourself. To every mother who seeks for hope for their children... and every child who has lost hope in their future.... You can make it through, reach for the ones who lift you up; turn to Christ and find the light through him that only He can bring. No matter where you stand in the moments of fear and pain... you are not alone if you let him steer your course. I know this is true, for I have seen it in the little moments and the big hurdles in my life. To rise above we must seek for power greater than any we have alone. Stand strong in the moments you are in, and let a power greater than your own carry you when all you have left to do is fall.

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