December 12, 2021

Christmas Lights

We went to check out some Christmas lights with friends tonight…and Bostyn and Bailey’s electronic babies 😂. Every time they cry at the worst times… I can’t help but laugh. 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions/activities?  We are still building what ours look like, and it is fun to hear ideas!! 

Love this family of mine! And every second I can get when we are all together…which is getting less and less as they get older and their lives get full of all sorts of things. 😭

On a side note: Bostyn and I decided to share some mom and daughter eating disorder support and recovery thoughts on my YouTube channel, if you know anyone who is going though that, please share!


Kari said...

Cute pictures! I also watched your you-tube video. I love this for so many reasons. You two have the sweetest relationship. I can tell what a humble and sweet girl she is. She just radiates light. I also love that she feels like she can be so open and honest with you and that you help her through this. How she said she talked through her day with you to understand her feelings. I just love this. Also, that you are being so open to help others. I have struggled with eating issues for 40 years now. Still haven't gotten there and currently weigh my highest ever. Eating disorders are so hard! Thanks for being so real. I feel like we are on earth to see if we will turn to the Lord in our trials or turn away. Bostyn has definitely turned to God in her trial and she has learned lessons that will help her throughout her life because of this. You 2 are wonderful people and I wish you both the best!

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