December 6, 2021

The missing link to healing trauma

Its my bday tomorrow! One more year until i am 40!! 

 For years I have been saying I want to create my own vitamin company for all the people I work with who are undergoing a lot of stress or have been through trauma…  Watching my own body fall apart, and seeing it in so many of the widows and victims impacted by murder and loss…who have been overwhelmed with fear, pain, and grief. It is hard to heal our spirits and minds when they are stuck in what feels like a broken body. And trauma doesn’t just attack our minds and spirits…it paralyzes us physically. It steals from every part of us. 

I have been on the hunt for almost a decade to create the perfect formula that works for everyone. Recently, I found something even better. Supplements that are created specifically for YOU based on YOUR needs. 

Finally a way to get the perfect formula that fits YOU. It starts with an at home DNA test… you send it back, and a formula is created just for you…that meets your body’s needs.  No more guessing, wondering why everything upsets your stomach, struggling with symptoms that never seem to have an answer… because now there is a formula that is literally created for your body!

Nutrition based on science,DNA, and personal needs. No more guessing, wondering when it’s your turn to feel good, or just giving up. 

 Have you ever wondered why you don't respond to things like foods, vitamins, etc the same as other people do? Have you asked yourself questions like, why do I have gut issues? Why can't I lose this weight? Why do I struggle with depression or anxiety? Why does it seem like my body can't handle certain foods or vitamins? There are some variations in our genes that cause hiccups in our processes in our body that make it so certain pathways or reactions don't work the same as they should and do in other people. So this simple genetic test that can be performed to find out if you have some of these variations and then a specific formulation is made customized for each individual to support those pathways so they can work properly! There are over 400 million different variations that can go into your formulation. 

So, this is nutrition without guessing! So happy birthday to me! I said by 40 i want to help others heal their bodies...after all these years of getting to help people start their mental and spirutual healing. The missing link!! We have to have all areas get what they need and get healthy to fully heal. 

  Please check it out and message me if you have any questions.


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