April 18, 2022

Easter 2022

 I have been thinking so much this Easter season about all the roles the Savior plays in our lives. For me He has been a counselor, a steady, a light in the darkness, a constant, a healer, a brother, a friend. 

His life was full of grace and his mission is to make it possible for all of us to feel it’s power in our life. His example of grace was life changing. He felt all of the pains we all could encounter, including the men that would crucify Him. Even in his last moments Christ used the power of words to ask for forgiveness for them.  

If He could see the good in them…I know He can see the good in each of us, even in moments we cannot find it in ourselves. If He could see it in them…I know He can help us find it, even in those who have hurt us. 

As disciples of Christ we strive to be like Him. It doesn’t always feel easy, but sometimes He asks us to be His hands. Sometimes He asks us to be His eyes. And even more humbling at times… He sends others to bring His love to us. 

I am so thankful for the gift of Grace. For the roles Christ has played to bring my life out of the shadows and for the moments of Joy that are possible because of Him. 

You are never alone. He did rise on the third day. He lives and He loves you. 

His light can live in each of us… no matter where we have been— or what we have been through—I know that He would ask those words even for us, “Forgive them.” He hasn’t given up on you and His grace is still relevant even in your story. 


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