May 9, 2022

Nice to meet you

 It seems there are a lot of new faces here. I always love a week when Dateline or Dr Phil reruns play and I make so many new friends. Instead of answering all of you in my DMs I want to reintroduce myself and my family and tell you a little more about us than you get from our story on one of those murder mystery shows. I am going to answer a few of the usual questions here in the next few posts! 

“How long has it been and where are you now?”

It has been 11 years since Emmett’s murder. Sometimes it feels like it happened yesterday, others feel like it has been many lifetimes ago. 

This is the crew now. You know the five oldest: Bostyn and Bailey are now 17, Teage (15), Kaleeya (almost 13), Tytus (11). 

What I love most about every single one of them is that they choose joy. They have taken the hard parts of their life and used it as a reason to have compassion and love for others. They are positive and hopeful. These five have been my greatest example that we can keep going and keep writing a story better than the day before. Each of them had to grow up way too fast, but they aren’t bitter. They could be so angry, but instead they are so bright. It has been the most fulfilling part of motherhood…watching them rise despite their pain. 

Four years ago we were blessed with an amazing new chapter. Scott and I were married and have since had Kennady (almost 3)  and Kylar (1). We couldn’t be more grateful for how this family has grown. Scott is the most genuine real soul I have ever met, and the most steady man that could have ever chosen us. Having babies at home again has been amazing. They help keep us all grounded and bring a whole new light to our lives. 

We have had our share of healing after murder. Many of us still battle PTSD, some have gone through a lot of anxiety. Bostyn has openly shared her battle with anorexia.  

So when you ask, “how did you make it though?” My answer is: we still are! 

Healing journeys all look different. Your healing journey is going to be unique just like your story up until this moment. Don’t give up, and when a new angle or struggle comes up on your path, know that it is normal and it is going to be ok! Just don’t you dare give up. 

We are here, still sharing our struggles and our pain, and our triumphs and joys because that is life! A rollercoaster of ups and downs. On this page we are still choosing to stand and we know you can too! No matter where you have been or where you want to go, you can chose to stand. It is never too late and you are never too broken. You have the choice to start a new chapter and finish writing your story!

We are so grateful for the chance to finish writing ours, with a new perspective on how fragile life can be, and how we can make every moment count. 

Thanks for finding us here!  We promise to keep it real, and share the hard and the good! Send me more of your questions. I am ready to share! 


Anonymous said...

So beautiful, I went through a similar experience and yet my ex wasent killed everything else happened. He has moved on and married his mistress, he left me in financial ruin, I turned to alcohol, it's been a mess. And 12 yrs later he has moved on with life as if I (the mother of his 3 children) don't even exist. And I'm struggling to simply survive. I'd love your help on healing and moving on. ♡♡♡ your such an inspiration to me I am in such awe of your strength. Hope do you do it sis!!??

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